About Shea-Mergency

Shea-Mergency was established in 2017 by Torkwase Johnson as a response to her problems with dry skin. 

She tried the skincare products in the store all of her life. They only made her hot, sweaty, and again dry after just a few hours. She attempted using single butters & oils like raw shea butter, olive oil and grapeseed oil. Grapeseed oil worked the best. It lasted for a whole 2 hours! Although the single oil option didn't leave her sweaty it still left her skin "papery" feeling, quickly dried out, with fine white lines. 

She decided to do research on natural ingredients that assist in healthy, moisturized skin and along came SHEA 10! It was so effective that she decided to sell it to family and friends. From the wonderful results of her own personal butter blend...Shea-Mergency was born. 

Since that time in 2017, customers would notice the multiple things her products helped resolve like boils, dryness, acne, herpes simplex breakouts, eczema, dry/itchy scalp and so much more. Each issue brought together more research and greater recipes! 

Our brand was created to restore and revitalize challenged skin. All-natural skin care gives us the advantage in accomplishing that goal. Shea-Mergency works when everything else has failed. Many of our customers have stated, "Your products saved my life!".

We want customers around the county to enjoy these benefits also! It's our entire focus! We Love the Skin You're In!